2016 media hit target reached by mid January.

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What’s your target for media coverage in 2016?

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Nice hit. Could have been yours.

United Way Australia wanted to double its coverage to 120 or so media hits. This is ambitious for a tiny organisation, that’s complex to define, with no dedicated publicist and no particular media profile. Very ambitious.

Still, we recognised United Way Australia’s media potential when we trained them on December 16. They had some projects on the ground, a fresh approach, a range of experts on staff and a passion for childhood literacy. The day was divided between Media Savvy (to gain more media opportunities) and Speak Savvy (to train spokespeople to make the most of each media interview).

You know that ambitious media target for 2016? It’s already been hit.

Since our workshop on December 16 United Way Australia has scored hits with ABC Radio National Breakfast, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian. Oh – and 139 local papers nationally.  Hits with Lateline, Daily Telegraph and other News Corp publications are en route. Opinion pieces have been drafted, new media relationships have been forged.

What would that be worth to you?

So what’s behind the spike in coverage?

  • Recognition that media coverage could help United Way Australia in its mission.
  • Realisation that what they knew and what they had to say was media-worthy.
  • Courage to get into the media fray.
  • Prioritisation on how time would be spent.
  • Strong opinions backed with real world experience.
  • New skills and perspective from our training along with regular use of our free follow-up coaching.
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One day, much coverage.

We may have created a media monster. Good.

You should be getting more media coverage too. No more excuses.

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