Great pitch leads to media hit

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Within hours of last week’s Lowdown announcing Brett’s return to radio we received this snappy pitch which had the right tone, topic and timing. New shows, in any medium, are more open to suggestion.  And this positive, pithy pitch fills the quirk quotient. Kudos Lisa.

Dear Brett,

I see from your latest Hootville newsletter that you are looking for quirky stories to fill your latest radio spot. Well, do I have something for you?!

Wyndham City Council’s arts program is running a 3-month artist residency and currently looking for expressions of interest.

Big whoop? So what?

Well, the twist is that the residency will be based at the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee. Yes, the ‘sewerage farm’ for those playing at home. And why? Well, the plant’s wetlands location is actually an important habitat for thousands of bird species and some of Victoria’s most endangered animals, so we think it’s kind of important to tell the world about how critical this space is to our natural ecosystem.

By producing beautiful art inspired by the plant, and displaying it at a special exhibition, the people of Melbourne can see just how important the plant and its surrounds are.

Please see more details attached and let me know if you would like any more information at all. Our Arts Curator, Megan Evans would be more than happy to have a chat if you’d like to pursue this for your listeners.


Lisa Fairweather   |    Public Relations Adviser  |   Communications & Events

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