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How to market Star Wars

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movie marketing star wars

Whoopsie. They left their basketball behind.

The L.A Times published this insight into the hype behind the latest Star Wars instalment.

Spoiler alert: this whole sci-fi in the desert / use-the-force thing is predicted to be pretty big.

Public speaking tip: framing your messages

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This new video for public speakers outlines a simple way to increase the chance that you maintain control and deliver your key messages during your next presentation.

Become a more perceptively better presenter by attending our upcoming Present Savvy workshop at Melbourne’s Hotel Lindrum Wednesday November 11.

New standalone Copy Savvy website

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copywriting courses in melbourne

Our new Copy Savvy site explains all.

Copy Savvy – our heralded copywriting workshop for the real world - has its own dedicated website. Enjoy.

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Rare public workshops from Hootville

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Hootville is now taking bookings for SIX public training workshops:

This is the same training delivered to the Australian Swim Team, Al Gore Climate Reality Training Corp, Australian Conservation Foundation, Landcare, WWF, Berry Street, Australian Red Cross, Fundraising Institute of Australia, Sustainability Victoria, Finance Sector Union, St Vincent Institute, Australian Climate Commission,  Netball Australia, endless local governments and hundreds more organisations.

All workshops feature:

  • practical, actionable, proven advice;
  • endless Q&A;
  • follow-up coaching;
  • tantilising early bird offers;
  • small classes, comfortable venues and supportive colleagues;
  • comprehensive notes;
  • a culture that is energetic and challenging;
  • a range of fees to suit you.

We rarely offer public training workshops, so take advantage of these opportunities. Of course you can always email or call 0414 713 802 to request a private session.



Meet Mercer PR the pro Nauru PR company

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pr companies

Physician heal thyself.

What a stupid mistake to make Mercer PR.

And more to the point Mercer PR – what a crappy way to make a living. From the Mercer PR website:

We assist our clients to minimise adverse publicity and are called upon to deal with issues and crises when company, executive or personal reputations are at risk. 

Fact: most companies, executives or people in crisis deserve to be in crisis. Especially the sort who get help from global PR firms such as Mercer PR.

Pro-tip: it’s possible to say no to a prospective client Mercer PR.

pr campaigns

Professionals parlaying their reputation. Setting a precedent?

Good to see other professionals unite and use their collective power for good.




Email send times are utterly testable

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Brett recently trained a group of unusually switched-on local government professionals who send out mass email (electronic direct mail or eDM).

Some send their mass email to get bums on seats at the local arts centre, others to keep traders updated, others to communicate (or not) to library members. You get the idea.

“What time do you send your emails?” Brett asked.

Half answered: “Whenever they are ready to go.”

Yikes! Nope – there should always be some hypothesis behind a send time.

Others in the group had a more reasoned send time:

“Our email is about what readers do in their personal time so we thought that lunch time or evenings was a good send time. It gives people a chance to get to work in the morning, get settled in, then at lunch time they might check their personal emails. Similarly we thought that after dinner was a good time to send emails.”


When was the last time you waited to get home or break for lunch before reading ‘personal’ emails?


We don’t live in a demarcated world. People are online, available – and very distractable – all their waking hours and that especially includes work hours. Be the distraction!

Whatever time you choose, start with a hypothesis; then test it. That’s what we’ve been doing.  Check your email stats, change one thing next time and note any differences in open rate. Speed this process up by dividing your database into segments and trying different times for different segments.

Note: whatever time you send your email, you will see a spike in opens for the hour or so afterwards. That’s because new emails are hard to ignore. Emails are more likely to be opened when they are “fresh” no matter what the time.

what's the best time to send emails

Don’t let the spike fool you.

One email that the local government group sends is distributed at 4pm – not a time we’d recommend. However there was an undeniable peak of opens during 4pm to 5pm. This can lead people to think that this was the best time to send this particular email to this particular audience.

We beg to differ. Indeed you can see a spike the morning after the email was sent – at just around office opening hours time. If the initial send was at office opening time, the spike we daresay would have been higher than the 4pm spike. We may be wrong but regardless the send time needs to be tested.

social media training

Six eggcellent workshops. Endless savvy to be gained.

Learn everything we know about the online world at Online Savvy – eMarketing, SEO, website development and management and social media.







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New eBook for public speakers reads the minds of your audience

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public speaking courses melbourne

Get ‘em while they last.

Public speaking can be difficult for the non-psychic.

After all – how can you tell what they make of your speech or presentation?

You could try asking audience members about their response but that would imply inspire a polite, face-saving exchange.

Our new free eBook for public speakers: 11 thoughts you don’t want your audience to think exposes the commonly thought, rarely expressed gripes of your audiences. Happily it also offers public speakers some advice on how to avoid these negative thoughts in the first place.

Download yours today. And do consider dramatically lifting your public speaking with our upcoming Present Savvy workshop.


NEW fancy website for Melbourne Media Training workshop

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website benefitsSo significant is our December 10 Speak Savvy media training workshop in Melbourne that we created its own special website.

Be quick – the earlybird bonus ends October 20.



More great copywriting and speaking advice not from Brett

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copywriting courses in sydney

Small cuts yield big improvements.

Redundant and misused words can make a big difference to the clarity of your writing and the impression it makes on readers.

This simple, practical set of advice from Jennie Haskamp of The Daily Muse is superb and applies equally to writers and public speakers.

The words Jennie recommends deleting from your writing (and speaking) may not improve your standing with poor communicators but it won’t hurt.

These changes will however make a favourable impression on the 20% or so of readers who appreciate good writing.

Chop chop.

copywriting course in melbourne

Geddit? Scramble. Eggs. Half dozen.

Book yourself a place at our rare public Copy Savvy workshop to become a great writer. New date – Tuesday November 10. Pick your level of follow-up coaching, grab an earlybird discount and prepare for a fun, intense day.


Funny because it is true. Too true.

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Every public speaker and presenter will relate to this. So too will their audiences.

Don’t let this be you. Secure your place at Hootville’s Present Savvy workshop for public speakers. This training isn’t just for people who want to wear a lapel microphone and motivate the masses. This is a public speaking workshop for people who have to present to their staff, the board, prospective customers, supporters, donors, volunteers or politicians.

It’s for the poor sponsor who has five minutes of stagetime to call their own. It’s for the one-to-one salespeople who need to convert more meetings into business. It’s for you. If it’s for your team book your own workshop.

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