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RECRUITING: a live-in companion

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A model I hired to play the role of Jacqui

A model I hired to play the role of Jacqui

I’m hiring for a very particular position – a live-in companion. I’ve posted this on my business’ website simply for convenience.

For privacy reasons I’ve changed names and I’ve used a StockPhoto image but the opportunity is very real and I hope you’ll consider the possibility, sharing this with anyone you feel is suitable.

I am seeking a live-in companion for a little old lady who is very dear to me. Let’s call her Jacqui. She’s been like a mother to me. Jacqui is 79 and lost her husband of 49 years Anthony, in May. She lives in her home of nearly 50 years in McKinnon and would appreciate some company.

Jacqui is far from alone or neglected – she receives daily visits from one of her her two children, her sister and other assorted people but the nights are lonely and make her feel insecure.

Jacqui would love someone to lodge with her to keep her company, assist with some light household duties and add some life to the house in exchange for rent-free accommodation.

Duties are likely to include: light housework (she has a cleaner), driving Jacqui to church and appointments, taking out the bins, doing laundry, lifting things that are too heavy, light gardening, cooking / meal preparation etc. 10 or so hours a week.

About Jacqui:

Jacqui is quite capable – she can prepare her meals and requires no personal care. She surfs the web and emails her family overseas. She has had several falls but moves around the home with the aid of a stick or wheeled mobility aid. She has a car but no longer drives.

She is a mild-mannered person, tea-total, happy to chat, likes animals, family, gardening and keeps an eye on sport and the news.

She watches TV in the evening and likes a laugh. She is not seeking a slave to order round. She came to Australia from Sri Lanka many decades ago. She’s religious (Catholic) but she doesn’t make a particularly big deal of her faith. She’s no hippy but she’s quite open minded.

The home

The home is a typical older McKinnon home. It’s not falling down around you, nor is it recently renovated. It is well kept. It has three bedrooms, a lounge, dining room and separate casual meals area. There’s on-street car parking, large front and rear gardens, separate laundry and a garage for storage. The home is centrally heated and there is some air conditioning in the house. There are currently no pets. McKinnon Station is a 10m walk away as is Centre Road Bentleigh, parks, gyms etc. McKinnon Secondary College is a few minutes walk away.

The lodger would have her own bedroom with a wall of robes. (There’s additional storage available in the garage.) The lodger would share a bathroom and shower with Jacqui but would have her own WC. There’s wi-fi and a desktop PC in a third bedroom.

The successful candidate would be placed with Jacqui via HomeShare – a program that specialises in matching older people with suitable live-in companions. They run police checks and provide training, ground rules and act as a third party that can smooth out any teething problems. More on HomeShare.

The successful lodger

She (and it must be a she) will have a calm and caring manner, comfortable with helping Jacqui. She must be a non-smoker and ideally a non-drinker and non-swearer. She’ll need to drive and be a capable person of the highest integrity.

Skills in the art of conversation would be well regarded as would be a background or interest in a caring profession. The lodger may have part time work or study and of course will have their own lives but Jacqui would like company most evenings and a share of daytime too. Of course the lodger would stay away overnight occasionally. If successful, Jacqui would like this to be an ongoing arrangement.

Do you know someone who might be suitable?

Contact me on 0414 713 802 to discuss Brett.