Hootville Communications is a PR and communications agency offering media, marketing and communications training, website / social media development, campaign planning and event emcee services. Brett de Hoedt founded Hootville in 1999 with no business plan beyond straightforward world domination and the motto: Communications for good not evil. Both the motto and the plan remain in tact today.

Hootville has worked on issues including mental illness, youth homelessness, legalisation of euthanasia, child sponsorship, conservation, hepatitis prevention, disability employment and Indigenous reconciliation – all of which are preferable to promoting perfumes and sports drinks.

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Ice breaking, trust building, show offing
Brett de Hoedt will act as facilitator of a networking / ice-breaking session at a conference of the Anglicare Australia flock in September at the Hilton on the Park. The session aims to mix and mingle the audience which is gathering from across the far-flung nonprofit’s operations. Brett has pledged... More »

BREAKING: Public Copy Savvy 101 workshop Melbourne Tuesday June 17
Pictures tell a thousand words but it falls to the copywriting to get results. If you want to recruit volunteers, lure customers, snag donors or influence the masses you need words that move people. Copy Savvy 101 is a fun, challenging copywriting workshop in Melbourne for anyone who writes as part of... More »

Free to good NFP
We have items good to go, in working order and free.                         Pick up from Stonnington location in Melbourne. Call Brett 0414 713 802.... More »

Stay in touch. We mean it.
Advice on staying in touch, growing email databases and content marketing. A recent trip to the Hootville post office box uncovered a quarterly alumni magazine from a secondary school attended for eight months several decades ago. The next day a quarterly appeal letter from a hospital appeared. Brett had spent... More »

Facebook advertising, an introductionand our experience
Oh social media – why do you tease us so? Twitter, Facebook et al promise so much to marketers but deliver so little. And it’s only going to get littlerer – less Facebook friends, seeing less of your content, engaging less with the content they do see and being influenced... More »