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Straight to video: put thyself in the story
Time to premiere (unleash?) another video. This cinematic masterpiece is aimed at public speakers and media spokespeople. It’s all about the value of putting yourself in the story. World Vision CEO Tim Costello does this unfailingly. You should too. Watch and learn what we mean. So much depends on your spokespeople’s... More »

Lessons from seeing Al Gore speak.
Brett was rewarded for his contribution to the 2014 Al Gore’s Climate Reality Training Corps with a seat at a below-the-radar gig by the former US Vice President last Sunday afternoon. Along with 150 or so rain-streaked true believers Brett sat and listened to a man who is no stranger... More »

Books for marketers: a quick review of Freakonomics
Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner & Stephen D. Levitt Recommended? Oh yes. Brett believes that Freakonomics should be mandatory reading for marketers. Sadly 98% of marketers, communicators, promoters and persuaders have failed to crack open a copy of Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics or the latest in the series: Think Like A Freak. Many haven’t even... More »

Media training tip #218 is all about examples
Hootville Communications media trains hundreds of media spokespeople, public speakers and people who need to sell for a living. We are yet to meet one person who cannot be improved by heeding this simple advice. Are you ready? Provide examples.  That’s it. About 60% of media and public spokespeople offer... More »

PowerPoint advice. 90 seconds to happier audiences
Everybody complains about PowerPoint but nobody ever does anything about it. That’s why Hootville created this 90-second training video. It aims to reduce the hours of suffering audiences endure due to thoughtless presenters who should know better. Every single person in your office who uses PowerPoint can spare the time... More »