Get more clients, donors, customers, supporters, students or influence with Hootville Communications. We deliver savvy media, marketing and communications training. We also develop websites and PR campaigns. Founder Brett de Hoedt is a journalist-turned-marketer who regularly speaks and emcees events. 600+ clients and rave reviews since 1999. Our motto: Communications for good not evil.

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Sydney – what do you want from us?
Sydney! We are on our way in late July to deliver two of our stupendous workshops. But which two? You choose below. BTW: anyone know of a great venue somewhere central?... More »

July public workshops: you choose
Hootville will be running two more public workshops in Melbourne during the week of July 18 to 22. But which ones? Choose the two you’d prefer by ticking the boxes above the workshops that take your fancy and press Choose at the bottom: Find more about all our workshops.... More »

Building the Habit of Business Storytelling
A former client of ours Anecdote specialises in helping businesses find the stories behind their businesses. Founder Shawn Callahan has written a book encapsulating his wisdom on the matter: Putting Stories To Work. Here we run the first of four extracts: Building the Habit of Business Storytelling Some people just... More »

When crisis threatens!
Critical incident response advice. Also known as damage control. PR crises happen; and when they do, damage control is required. Even if your organisation pays no attention to communications, invest time and energy considering how you will cope with negative attention. Negative publicity can quickly undo years of good work. Critical... More »

How to make an apology
How to make an apology Elton John said it best – sorry seems to be the hardest word. Maybe that’s why so many CEOs and leaders failed to deliver an apology that makes the grade when the time comes to admit that they or their organisation have done something wrong.... More »