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Domestic violence campaign is correct. Politically.
By now, you and most of television-watching Australia have got your share of the $30 million awareness campaign aimed at curbing domestic violence in Australia. The Let’s Stop it at the Start campaign is another in a long history of taxpayer-funded television commercials created – allegedly – with the intent... More »

“Hi. I’m Troy and I’m a bisexual”
Have you, with your professional reputation on the line, ever asked a room full of strangers to turn to the person next to them, extend a hand and introduce themselves with the line: “Hi I’m Troy and I’m a bisexual.”? Thought not. But that’s exactly what happened at yesterday’s Future of Work... More »

Are media releases still relevant?
Are media releases still relevant? The one thing non-communications professionals know about the world of public relations is that you write media releases. Those who are unfamiliar with how media coverage comes to pass, see the media release as the be all and end all. It is not. The media release... More »

What to wear on stage. Spoiler alert: whatever the hell you want*
Some thoughts on appearances, class, gender, age and ethnicity… I was recently delivering public speaking training to a group of high-performing young people who had been earmarked as future leaders. The aim of the day was to turn them into gun public speakers. Of the 14 or so participants six... More »

Digital marketing workshop feedback
Last week Brett delivered Online Savvy to 15 or so souls from the age care sector brought together by Aged and Community Services Australia. Here’s some feedback: Training was very specifically focused on the issues that community aged care organisations are facing. Concepts very clearly explained and workshop clearly structured. I... More »