Hootville Communications (circa 1999) offers savvy media, marketing and communications training. We develop websites and PR campaigns. Journalist-turned-marketer Brett de Hoedt regularly speaks and emcees events. Hootville was founded with no business plan beyond straightforward world domination and the motto: Communications for good not evil. 400+ nonprofit clients later both the motto and the plan remain in tact today.


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Why we don’t need another domestic violence awareness campaign
Updated Tuesday May 12 2015 (Budget night) Recent violence against women and children has the community appalled and politicians grappling for a response. Predictably our political leaders have swung behind an awareness campaign. The Federal Government pledged $16.7 million over three years in last night’s budget and COAG will throw in... More »

eMarketing advice – refine your sign-up page
Any eMarketer wants visitors to their website to sign-up to their email database. Friction is your enemy. Friction is anything that slows down people from doing what you want them to do. Badly design sign-up forms add friction and lower results. Let’s see how we can fix this. And if... More »

eMarketers! Bribe your way to success.
We believe that eMarketing is the best friend you take for granted. We think that bribes are the best idea you’re not using. So we made a video about it.... More »

Marketers! Know thy audience
We’ve written previously about the importance of knowing your audiences and the value of the conversion formula. Infact it’s one of our most-read post. We ensure every Marketing Savvy workshop devotes time to just this. Well know we’ve made a short video about it. Enjoy.... More »

Straight to video: how to write a media release.
Prepare for a dramatic expansion in the size of YouTube. Brett’s been in the studio (back of his house) lately. He’ll soon be delivering all manner of PR advice and marketing tips. The NBN will finally get a proper workout as we premiere 20+ full colour productions, several of which... More »