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Public speaking lessons care of Bill Shorten
Big entrance: it helps to have a few former prime ministers and prominent party officials in attendance. This is not an option for most of us. Entrance music instrumental music helps fill a gap and build emotion – use it if the occasion justifies it. A witty or memorable opening... More »

Public speaking lessons courtesy of PM Malcolm Turnbull
As a major media outlet it is only fair that we devote equal time to the official campaign launch speech of our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. (Lessons from Bill Shorten’s launch speech can be found here.) Start on time: do your utmost to begin your presentation as promised. Turnbull arrived... More »

Three new public workshops in Melbourne
At last – we announce three public workshops for Melbourne: Copy Savvy – Monday September 12 Online Savvy – Wednesday September 14 Interview Savvy – Thursday September 15 Small groups & follow-up coaching. Dramatic improvement guaranteed. Every workshop is now better value with more coaching and / or other benefits. Each... More »

Putting stories to work: extract 3
When NOT to tell a story   A former client of ours Anecdote helps businesses find the stories behind their businesses. Founder Shawn Callahan has written a book encapsulating his wisdom on the matter: Putting Stories To Work. This is the third of four extracts. (Here’s the first.) While there are often times when... More »

Bounce rate demystified
This post explains bounce rates and description tags. Those of you who dare to keep abreast of your website stats may have puzzled over the “bounce rate” stat. Sure we understand it’s people who came and left but how quickly must they leave to be counted as a bouncer? And... More »