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Books for marketers: The Small Big
The Small B!g: Small changes that spark big influence by Steve J. Martin, Noah J. Goldstein and Robert B. Cialdini. Recommended? Should be mandatory. We were initially sceptical about The Small B!g. It seemed like just a moneymaker for co-authors Martin, Goldstein and Cialdini. Not only was the title was annoying (that stupid... More »

2016 media hit target reached by mid January.
What’s your target for media coverage in 2016? United Way Australia wanted to double its coverage to 120 or so media hits. This is ambitious for a tiny organisation, that’s complex to define, with no dedicated publicist and no particular media profile. Very ambitious. Still, we recognised United Way Australia’s... More »

Lessons from Jim Carrey’s 90 second Golden Globe speech
Mathematically speaking, giving a short, sharp speech, such as an introduction, should be much easier than giving a whole speech. But it isn’t. Actor, comedian Jim Carrey nailed his 90 seconds in the spotlight at this week’s Golden Globe awards. Critics described it as his best work in years. There are lessons for... More »

PR pros should expand their media diet
Many of us have pledged fidelity to a healthier diet in 2016.  One secret to a healthier physique is to broaden one’s diet. You know – by consuming something beyond carbohydrates and Barcardi Breezers. Professionally speaking, some of us have pledged to gain more media hits this year. One way... More »

new marketing savvy workshop website join the internet
Finally something worth looking at has hit the internet. We speak of the standalone website for Marketing Savvy. The workshop is available to anyone, anywhere anytime but we’re also staging a public session in Melbourne on Tuesday February 9 2016. Join us super quick and we might just double your coaching.... More »