Get more clients, donors, customers, supporters, students or influence with Hootville Communications. We deliver savvy media, marketing and communications training. We also develop websites and PR campaigns. Founder Brett de Hoedt is a journalist-turned-marketer who regularly speaks and emcees events. 600+ clients and rave reviews since 1999. Our motto: Communications for good not evil.

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Nominations please
Brett is researching cults. Not cults of the spiritual kind but of the brand kind and he wants your nominations. He wants to see what makes them tick and to detect any lessons for the mere mortals out there. He’s after a list of individuals, companies, causes or events that... More »

Lobbyist for hire. And she’s a good one.
Are you looking for a Canberra-based advocate? We know a consultant who is passionate and engaged in social reform and community development with over 20 years experience in NFP sector. Justine Caines provides advocacy, campaign development, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications advice and support to cause driven organisations. We think... More »

Personal branding: a practical, behaviour-based guide
Personal branding The phrase personal branding sends shivers down the spines of many fine people. I can’t say I blame them. The world of personal branding is surely the domain of motivational speakers, real estate spruikers and the crass corporate soulless types who seem to be sharp of suit and... More »

What do journalists want?
Good news: the media needs you. Too many organisations, companies and peak bodies think that gaining media coverage is for someone else. It’s not. I guarantee that you are sitting on untapped media potential. What a waste. The media really does need you. Without organisations just like yours actively participating... More »

High praise indeed
Brett recently presented Because Youth and Beauty Ain’t Enough to the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program. here’s what the program manager said:  “Your session was one of the highest rated of our whole Melbourne trip. Very cleverly designed. You’re a pro.” Lucy Mayes Program Manager, Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program Here’s what the... More »