Hootville Communications (circa 1999) offers savvy media, marketing and communications training. We develop websites and PR campaigns. Journalist-turned-marketer Brett de Hoedt regularly speaks and emcees events. Hootville was founded with no business plan beyond straightforward world domination and the motto: Communications for good not evil. 400+ nonprofit clients later both the motto and the plan remain in tact today.


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Tone deaf multinationals should know better
One of the things we teach in Hootville’s copywriting course Copy Savvy 101 is that tone matters. By tone, we mean the vibe, the manner, the impression you create with your words. One golden rule: choose a tone. Never let your default tone become your tone. Consider what will work for... More »

Squiggle exclusive: Old men in hats take to Twitter
Once again our canine mascot and mentor Squiggle barks the hard barks (AKA asks the hard questions) of a standout marketer. Answering the questions - Yonie Tiljak, community coordinator with the Heytesbury District Landcare Network, the force behind  @HytsbryLandcare When did you take to Twitter and why? I took to Twitter in... More »

This man needs Hootville. You do too.
As Australian media trainers we were so … impressed … by Ryutaro Nonomura’s impassioned press conference performance that we decided to make a 46 second video ad utilising the remarkable display. The basic premise: don’t leave media training until it is too late. For those of you not following Japanese... More »

Facebook’s retargetting means never saying goodbye.
We have all noticed the recent explosion in Facebook advertising. It’s all the rage for manufacturers of dental implants to manufacturers of marriages. If you need a primer why not read our previous posts? Of course nonprofits are using it too – to recruit, to solicit donations and to campaign.... More »

Brett talks climate change campaigning on ABC-TV
Before speaking about media to 500+ aspiring environmental campaigners at Al Gore’s Climate Reality event in Melbourne, media trainer Brett de Hoedt was interviewed on ABC-TV’s Weekend Breakfast. So how well does a media trainer perform on live television? Judge for yourself. Brett says it was a tricky interview: “The interview... More »