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RECRUITING: a live-in companion
I’m hiring for a very particular position – a live-in companion. I’ve posted this on my business’ website simply for convenience. For privacy reasons I’ve changed names and I’ve used a StockPhoto image but the opportunity is very real and I hope you’ll consider the possibility, sharing this with anyone... More »

Fed Square Flash Mob
FRUIT-BASED FLASH MOB TO FIGHT FOR FED SQUARE SATURDAY AUGUST 4 STRICT EMBARGO TO 11AM SATURDAY AUGUST 4 WHEN SATURDAY AUGUST 4 10.30AM SHARP for five to 10 minutes. WHERE FEDERATION SQUARE, between Chocolate Buddha restaurant and the Yarra Building. WHAT A giant Poison Apple will enter the Square, destroying... More »

Diversity in Disaster Conference
Diversity in Disaster, a unique international conference to be held in Melbourne April 17 and 18 will explore how Australia can be more inclusive in its preparations and responses to natural disasters and emergency management. The conference brings together more than 400 researchers, emergency management practitioners, policy-makers, first responders, government,... More »

How I got 28,000 Change.org.au signatures
Late last year I angrily sat down and did something I’ve never done before – launch a Change.org.au petition. It aims to combat Apple’s Victorian government-approved plan to knock down a fair swathe of Federation Square to build a corporate megastore. Frankly I always thought Change.org.au petitions were somewhat naff... More »

Want media coverage? Think visually.
Join me April 27 for my Media Savvy workshop. Whether or not your story idea results in media coverage depends on many factors: timing, talent, exclusivity, topicality and many others besides. This bizarre form on the left, a creation by Australian artist Paula Piccinini at the behest of Victoria’s Transport... More »