Hootville Communications (circa 1999) offers savvy media, marketing and communications training. We develop websites and PR campaigns. Journalist-turned-marketer Brett de Hoedt regularly speaks and emcees events. Hootville was founded with no business plan beyond straightforward world domination and the motto: Communications for good not evil. 400+ nonprofit clients later both the motto and the plan remain in tact today.


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Bookings open: NEW eMarketing Savvy workshops in Sydney and Melbourne
eMail marketing – eMarketing – holds tremendous potential for anyone wanting more bums on seats, dollars in coffers, campaigners in action. Much of that potential however is going to waste. That’s why we’re staging eMarketing Savvy workshops in Melbourne and Sydney in February and March 2015. The workshops, delivered by... More »

Ask Brett: boosting your email open rates
  We recently spied a nonprofit marketer’s query on Facebook and decided to turn it into the first Ask Brett in which Citizens are invited to ask Brett a marketing question which he’ll do his darndest to answer. Send your question to hootville@hootville.com The perplexed marketer requested anonymity but her query... More »

2015 Board Builder conference officially declared open
2015′s biggest and most practical day devoted to nonprofit and community sector board members is open for registration. Board Builder 2015 is set for February 23 in Melbourne. It’s the brainchild of the Institute of Community Directors which is the offspring of Our Community. Brett will be speaking – he’s been a... More »

Social media sharing: length, depth and looks matter
Are you getting shared around enough? Probably not. There are no “copywriters” anymore – just content creators. And those content creators are judged in large part by the degree to which their content is shared. Getting lots of shares and retweets (going viral) feels good and spreads your message. Not getting shared feels... More »

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is so hot right now but what is it exactly? Answer: content marketing means that marketers are using content – eBooks, factsheets, whitepapers, blog posts, podcasts, videos – as a way to lure people. Usually that content is delivered online. You know the deal (see below). Once the customer... More »