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Want media coverage? Think visually.
Whether or not your story idea results in media coverage depends on many factors: timing, talent, exclusivity, topicality and many others besides. This bizarre form on the left, a creation by Australian artist Paula Piccinini at the behest of Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission reminded us once again of the power... More »

Pre-workshop reading
So that you get the most benefit from our upcoming workshop I strongly recommend reading these posts before the big day New to Twitter? Read this then open an account and have a play. Follow some people, send a tweet or two. Search Twitter for a hashtag that interests you.... More »

Matt Clear could do with your help
  Matt Clear was a part of Hootville some years back working for clients in the fields of disability and mental health among others. Great guy – a calm, community minded, family man. He generously acknowledged my jokes. I was shocked to recently learn of his diagnosis of brain cancer. There... More »

Sorry to report, I was right.
There’s been enough post-election analysis to fill a basket designed for an alt-right convention worth of deplorables. I won’t add to it here except to say that nobody should be in the least bit surprised. Trump is a household name, endlessly interesting, confident as hell and promising action. Along with... More »

How to facilitate
How to emcee or facilitate a session The call comes unexpectedly. It’s the event organiser: “Would you mind facilitating a session at the upcoming event? No big deal. A few speakers, some intros, some Q&A. You know the deal. Cool?” “Sure. Why not.” Now what? A facilitators’ role is to... More »