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Brett goes west to turn medicos into tarts
Brett de Hoedt, speaker and emcee at large will cross the continent to persuade the 650 or so young medicos at the Global Health Conference in Perth that if they really want to save the world they’ll need to engage the media. His keynote title? Embracing your inner media tart.Find... More »

Public speaking – thoughts you don’t want your audience to think
Too few public speakers make the most of their opportunity and very few in Australia take any public speaking training. It’s easy for public speakers to think that their presentation went well as very few audience members express their true feelings. Event managers are often more concerned with punctuality and... More »

Emcee for Australia’s national disability employment conference selected
Emcee Brett de Hoedt will master the ceremonies at the Disability Employment Conference in Sydney August 18 to 20 2015 in Sydney. It will be his eighth consecutive turn in this role at this conference. “They either love my work or don’t know how Google: ‘emcees + Australia’,” says de... More »

Books for marketers: Talk Like TED
Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo. Recommended: for speakers who take the craft seriously and TED talk devotees. There is something a little irksome about Carmine Gallo’s book Talk Like TED. Perhaps it’s the shamelessness of writing a book that is entirely dependent on the efforts of others, perhaps it’s... More »

Breaking news breaks fast so break into a run
We know you are not a media outlet and we know that you’re understaffed but when BIG news relevant to your organisation breaks you need to tell your supporters ASAP. Last week saw some big news that was unexpected and – for lizards and those who love them – positive:... More »